Our Must Try Scottish Dishes!

After an excellent day out exploring Scottish castles, distilleries, and wilderness, we recommend you finish things off with some of Scotland’s best food delicacies. With vast options and a variety of different cuisines available, we at Time Exposure, decided to share some of our MUST TRY SCOTTISH DISHES. Haggis Starting off we have Haggis! ThisContinue reading “Our Must Try Scottish Dishes!”

Discover Bears in Bulgaria!

Despite being better known for it’s party scene and stunning scenery, Bulgaria also has some of the richest biodiversity in all of Europe! So why not check out our Unique Bulgaria Bear Watching and Highlights Tour for a biodiverse adventure that everyone can enjoy. Our Bear watching tour is an exclusive opportunity to experience aContinue reading “Discover Bears in Bulgaria!”

Explore Aberdeen with our Private Walking Tour!

Interested in historic Aberdeen? This tour is for you! Time Exposure Travel will take you on a private walking tour of Aberdeen’s most interesting attractions.  St Machar’s Cathedral We start your Aberdeen adventure at St Machar’s Cathedral! Even though St Machar’s officially became a Cathedral in the 1130s after the seat of the Bishop wasContinue reading “Explore Aberdeen with our Private Walking Tour!”

Discover Kyrgyzstan with our Kaleidoscope tour.

Kyrgyzstan is an amazing and unique country and often referred to as the Switzerland of Asia because of its natural beauty and clean air. With unspoilt flora and fauna, Kyrgyzstan is really the place to “get away from it all”. It features many mountains ranges with stark craggy ridges, to rolling pastures and vast lakes,Continue reading “Discover Kyrgyzstan with our Kaleidoscope tour.”

Discover Kyrgyzstan with Treasures of Kyrgyzstan tour.

Kyrgyzstan is the most famous for snowy peaks, glaciers, high alpine meadows, broad grasslands filled with the fragrances of plants and flowers, clear mountain rivers, serene mirrored lakes scattered among the tall peaks and a history stretching back thousands of years. Our unique trip will take you to these amazing areas where you will experienceContinue reading “Discover Kyrgyzstan with Treasures of Kyrgyzstan tour.”

Bulgarian Cuisine: Our must haves!

After visiting the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or exploring the old NesseBar, it is only right you spend your evening feasting on the finest Bulgarian Cuisine. The Bulgarian National Cuisine is diverse and has similarities with the Countries that it borders, these include Romania, Serbia, Greece, and Turkey. All of which contribute to the Mediterranean influenceContinue reading “Bulgarian Cuisine: Our must haves!”

Walking in North East Scotland: The Essentials.

Walking in North East Scotland: The Essentials. Hello and welcome back! Unpredictable. One word which perfectly describes Scottish weather, no matter the forecast, no matter your preparations there is always a chance of change. Wearing and bringing the essentials when walking in Scotland is a necessity, as you may experience four seasons in a day,Continue reading “Walking in North East Scotland: The Essentials.”

Say hello to the Hairy Coo.

Highland cows. This iconic Scottish creature is most commonly known for their thick “ginger/red” coats and large horns. Despite their cute exterior, they can weigh up to a whopping 500kg. You haven’t truly experienced Scotland without coming into contact with one of the magnificent beasts. This week we have decided to formally introduce you! SayContinue reading “Say hello to the Hairy Coo.”

Our favourite distilleries & their historic backgrounds.

We have decided to tie this in post with our ‘Top 5 castles to visit in Aberdeenshire’ article. As you will visit Dunnottar castle and Royal Lochnagar Distillery In our Aberdeen & Shire Castle & Distillery Private Group Tour. We thought it was a great idea to cover the second part of this in theContinue reading “Our favourite distilleries & their historic backgrounds.”

Top 5 castles to visit in Aberdeenshire

Scotland is well known for many things, but one thing in particular is its stunning medieval castles. Aberdeenshire is home to a great number of these historic fortresses and we would love to show you them. If you are interested in one of our Aberdeenshire castle tours but are unsure of which castle(s) you wishContinue reading “Top 5 castles to visit in Aberdeenshire”