Bulgarian Cuisine: Our must haves!

After visiting the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or exploring the old NesseBar, it is only right you spend your evening feasting on the finest Bulgarian Cuisine. The Bulgarian National Cuisine is diverse and has similarities with the Countries that it borders, these include Romania, Serbia, Greece, and Turkey. All of which contribute to the Mediterranean influence in Bulgarian cuisine which is sourced locally. In honour of Bulgaria week here at Time Exposure Travel we thought we would share some of our must try dishes when visiting Bulgaria!

  1. Meshana Skara

First up we have the Meshana Skara otherwise known as mixed grill in English! This one is for the meat lovers as it is a combination of various forms of grilled meat. Typically, it consists of skewers of pork, pork steaks, kebapche and kyufte both of which are made of grilled mincemeat. Alongside the meat, this platter consists of French fries, bean salad, onions and lyutenitsa which is a vegetable relish. Full of excellent flavour, this one is a must try!

Photo credit: Parrotcoffee.com

2. Tarator

Like our Bulgaria tours this dish is ideal for the summer! Tarator is refreshing cold soup. The concept of cold soup is daunting but this one is commonly made with Bulgarian yoghurt, cucumbers, garlic, walnuts, lemon, and lots of herbs! Generally, is it served as a as a starter but can make a great side dish for your main course! A dish this tasty is a must have on your visit to Bulgaria.

Photo credit: learn-bulgarian.net

3. Shkembe

Next up we have another soup dish! Unlike Tarator this one is hot and is made with tripe (the lining of a cows stomach) and you will either love it or hate it but, it is a must try when in Bulgaria and is seasoned with hot red pepper, garlic, and vinegar. Legend says this one is the perfect hangover remedy after drinking Rakia, which is a traditional Bulgarian liquor.

Photo credit: Thefoodhog.com

4. Banitsa

This traditional dish is made by a combination of cheese, yoghurt and whisked eggs, which are layered amongst phyllo pastry. After this it is baked in the oven until crispy! This one is delicious and can be eaten hot or cold. There are many variations of this which include spinach, pumpkin, or milk! Why not drizzle honey on this and make it the perfect breakfast?

Photo credit: SooFoodies

5. Mekitsa

Like the Banitsa this is also a breakfast dish! This is a flatbread kneaded with yoghurt and then is deep fried, these are often referred to as “Bulgarian doughnuts”. Served hot these can contain jam, fruit, and honey. We suggest ordering one with powdered sugar on top and pairing it with a strong coffee for an exceptional breakfast.

Photo credit: epersianfood.com

7. Sarmi

This dish is made up of cabbage/vine leaves which are stuffed with a mixture of rice, mince, and lots of herbs! There are many vegetarian options as well.  This is dish is popular during the festive periods and it often prepared at Christmas.

Photo credit: findbgfood.com

8. Shopska Salata

This one is a traditional Bulgarian salad which is made with chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peppers, parsley (fresh of course) and sirene cheese is grated on top of the salad to finish it off! Sirene is a feta style brined cheese which is extremely popular in Bulgaria and provides excellent flavour!

Photo credit: Food52.com

9. Kavarma

Prepared in traditional clay pots, this dish can contain either chicken, pork, or beef and contains carrots, leeks, onion, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes. For our alcohol lovers, this one also contains wine! It is usually served as a main course and it will be on offer in most traditional Bulgarian restaurants.

Photo credit: Internationalcuisine.com

10. Kieslo Mlyako

Now onto our final dish! This one isn’t a dish on its own per say but is commonly served alongside main meals in Bulgaria. It is said that this is one of the best types of yoghurt available as it contains different types of probiotic bacteria. You can eat the yoghurt on its own or why not add fruit on top?

Photo credit: erepublik.com

These are only some our must try dishes when visiting Bulgaria! We miss adventuring and hopefully we can take you to experience Bulgaria soon! But for now, stay safe and why not check out what tours we offer on our website?

For more information regarding attractions we offer head to our last blog post: https://timexposuretravel.wordpress.com/2021/02/17/our-top-5-bulgaria-attractions/

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