Our top 5 Bulgaria attractions!

Hello and welcome to our first Bulgaria post!

Did you know we offer day trips in Bulgaria as well as in the North east of Scotland? If not, then let us talk you through some of the amazing attractions that Bulgaria has to offer. Then when you are ready you can check out our premade tours here.

Most people know Bulgaria for it’s Sunny Beach holidays, a favoured party location for many. However, Bulgaria has so much more to offer than its exotic party scene. It is full of rich history and great tourist attractions. Here we have five of our favourite locations to explore on our tours:

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Aleksander Nevski Cathedral is nestled in the heart of Sofia. It was built and paid for by the people of the city between 1882 and 1912, and they constructed the cathedral to honor the lives of the 200,000 Russian soldiers who perished whilst fighting in the Russo-Turkish war; they fought for Bulgaria’s independence. It was named in honour of a 13th-century Russian warrior-prince.

The cathedral itself is ornately detailed, with a 45m high, gold-plated dome. Walk amongst its intricate murals, stunning  mosaics, and depictions of saints and angels that adorn the walls inside; the huge chandeliers hang low, dripping in decadent gold, whilst the solid wood of the altar and pews are delicately carved.

You can visit this wonderful site during the first day of our ‘Best of Bulgaria’ tour! 

Stone mushrooms of Beli plast

The rock wonders of the Eastern Rhodope mountains, the stone mushrooms. They are a phenomenon, standing at about 2.5m tall with pink and green caps formed by erosion of water, wind and underwater volcanic activity that occurred during the Paleocene epoch. Under the surface of many lakes and rivers, this is how you will find boulders and rocks to look. 

However, it is extremely rare to find them, still intact, in a desert area where water there is no longer any water. It’s for this reason and their strangely specific shape that so many people flock to Bulgaria to see them for themselves. 

You can explore them in more detail on our ‘Amazing Ancient Bulgaria’ tour! Come see for yourself just how interesting these rock formations are!

Plovdiv roman amphitheatre

One of the many exciting places we take you to on our Bulgarian tours is the city of Plovdiv! 

In the centre of Plovdiv Old Town is one of the world’s best preserved ancient theatres. It is located on the Southern slope of the Three Hills, in the saddle between Taksim and Dzhambaz tepe. It was discovered in the 1960s, and the structure is said to originally be from the 1st century AD. The theatre was damaged during an invasion by Attila the Hun, and ended up covered by centuries of buildings, it was only rediscovered and excavated in 1972 when construction on the tunnel below began.

The site was the place of many theatrical performances and famously ferocious gladiator fights, as well as local government meetings and big gatherings. The theatre itself is still used occasionally for opera and musical performances and can seat up to 7,000 people. It is a great place to explore for those interested in the dramatic arts, or music! 

Old Nessebar

Nessebar is an enchanting town that we explore in a number of our Bulgaria tours! The town is set upon a craggy peninsula that connects to the mainland via a causeway.  The charming old town is packed full of pretty squares, churches and cobbled streets; full of rich Bulgarian history. The town has architecture reminiscent of the Roman and Byzantine eras, and the remains of the old town walls can still be seen today .

Take a closer look at the traditional timber houses, watch the windmill on the bridge that adjoins the  old and new towns, and lose yourself in the stunning architecture of the churches and chapels.

Rila monastery 

The monastery is the biggest in Bulgaria and also one of the country’s most symbolic cultural landmarks. Recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, it was founded in the 10th century by the Patron Saint of Bulgaria, Ivan Rilski, and is a “must see” on our tour. You can stay the night at the monastery itself or nearby at the beautiful Rliets Resort Hotel.

Soak in the serene surroundings among the Rila mountains, another of our must see locations. The monastery was founded in the 10th century, and is an important historic and cultural monument. It has been labelled as the Jerusalem of Bulgaria, and is home to fascinating religious iconography, wall paintings, carvings and historical artifacts. The ancient monastery is still active today and houses around 60 monks who still work in the tranquil peace of the monastery. 

These are some of the many attractions Bulgaria has to offer! Check out our website www.timeexposure.travel to discover more information on our tours where you can visit some of these fantastic places!

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